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Walking with Coleridge and Wordsworth

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Discover connections between literature and landscape in Somerset's Quantock Hills

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the saying goes. So what makes a view beautiful? Who says that a hilltop panorama, a leafy glade, an open moor, a bubbling brook or gently rolling fields are beautiful? Often our ideas of what makes the natural landscape picturesque have been strongly influenced by how people have written about them in literature.

In the late 1790s, the Romantic poets Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth spent a year in the Quantocks, getting inspiration for many of their most famous works from walking in this landscape.

This walk takes you in their footsteps. Visit many of the valleys and woods, streams and waterfalls, hilltops and viewpoints that they explored to see just what inspired them.Discover how some aspects of the landscape have changed and others have not in the 200 years since.


Also uncover evidence of human activity in a landscape that looks natural. And think about what makes a view beautiful. 


Walk Info


7 miles

Hilly with several steep ascents and descents

tooltipHilly with several steep ascents and descents

Suitable for:
Dogs should be kept on a lead on grazing land

tooltipDogs should be kept on a lead on grazing land

South West England
People in the landscape Preserving the landscape Exploiting the landscape
Holford village
Holford village
Getting there:

tooltipOn the A39 between Bridgewater and Minehead

tooltipServed by buses running between Bridgewater and Minehead; one bus every 2 hours

tooltipNearest station Bridgwater (11 miles)


Up on the Quantocks, Black Hill
Rory Walsh ©RGS-IBG Discovering Britain


Holford Combe
Rory Walsh ©RGS-IBG Discovering Britain

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Route map

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Walk kit

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Written guide
A flat route mostly on urban streets

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Audio guide
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A flat route mostly on urban streets

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Find out what other people said about this walk

I really enjoyed this exhilarating walk from the scenic village of Holford taking in mountain streams and woodland rides out onto the very top of the Quantock Hills. There were with breathtaking views out over Exmoor and across the Bristol Channel to Wales.

Andrew Mann, Near Lynton, North Devon

I spent many childhood hours exploring Holford Glen and call it 'My Little Eden'. As children we would collect sheep bones, take them home and bleach them for our science teacher. Our schools arranged many trips as well for nature trails and days out. In the summer holidays we would leave our bikes, unlocked, on the green and go off for adventures. A magical place for me - in my heart forever.

Sheila Lockwood, Somerset

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Find out more about the walk story and places of interest along the route

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Visit Somerset

The Coleridge Way

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The RGS-IBG would like to thank the following people and organisations for their assistance in producing this Discovering Britain walk


Peter Coates for creating the walk


Jenny Lunn for editing the walk materials


Rory Walsh for taking photographs


Caroline Millar for editing the audio commentary


Nick Stanworth and Gemma Coate for additional assistance with compiling walk resources


The Wordsworth Trust for kind permission to use works from their collection


The Francis Frith Collection for permission to use an archive image


Andrew Mann for testing the walk and providing useful feedback

thank you
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